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by BoroBoro

Indigo System (XL)

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This good-looking boxy jacket is a bit of a mystery. We have searched for the company but to no avail. They must have liked their name though because it is even pressed into the buttons! 

Anyway get back to us and the jacket! We have really exploited the crossing of the denim's indigo and white threads to show off what it's made of. The fibres of the denim are quite robust, teasing them out actually shows this particular denim is pretty tough stuff... yet comfy to wear. 

 After shredding the pocket, pinching out some red fibres then restitching it to the back creates some fascinating texture. Adding some dyed rescued floral fabric to an already unique piece really makes it truly original. Red and blue look fantastic together, don't you think?

PS. Google found Indigo system/s:  as a construction company, a medical system, DNM denim which seems plausible but


Size (fits extra large)

  • Down the back: 27inch | 67cm
  • Arm: 25inch | 64cm
  • Chest: 23inch | 59cm


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