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Jan 16, 2024 It started off as a good idea... really did... no honestly.. it did..
Fast fashion frenzy with abstract splashes and stitches
Jan 16, 2024 You have got to admit reworking older or not so old garments encourages us to...
Benefits of upcycling your clothes
Dec 19, 2023 A good ol' read about rescued denim
Saddle Up for Sustainability: boroboro Repurposing Denim
Dec 18, 2023 The most popular neckline was not from any catwalk.
Oddly stylish facts, part of boroboro blog
Dec 18, 2023 The most popular natural fabric
a title of blog about fabric we wear
Dec 18, 2023 All about this plant based fabric
Know your fabric boro boro blog heading
Dec 18, 2023 Get to know textures, fabrics and dyes in your clothing
About fabrics boro boro uses, part of our blog
Dec 18, 2023 Maybe the fashion industry needs a vocabulary update.
Pulling the Threads boroboro blog heading
Dec 18, 2023 We recently disassembled an old denim jacket to restyle it for a client. As we...
Chemicals in your clothing
Dec 08, 2023 The Lessons we Learn from Japan's Past
Boro Boro Blog heading with ink splash
Feb 28, 2023 Vintage, non-vintage denim pieces are a great source for eco-conscious style
lined cosy denim jacket
Feb 12, 2023 was a frugal time so every scrap of fabric was put to good use.
sewing sashiko on blue fabric

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