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3 reasons we all love a crew neck

The crew neck that is common on tee shirts and sweatshirts has made this the most popular neckline. It is comfy, classic and easy to slip on. How did this design come about?

 Naval crew in a row boat

1. Warmth

The clue is in the name 'crew'. It began as an undergarment for those who worked on a ship. So the Navy, rowing teams. Bet you still use yours in a similar way, adding another layer to stay a bit warmer or make the next layer a bit more comfortable.

 well dressed young man looking at his phone next to bike

2. Comfort

In 1926 along came Benjamin Russell Jr., a football player himself, understood how itchy, uncomfortable clothing affected performance of the players. So out went those wool garments and in came a super comfy all-cotton top. His company, well his father's really, funded and then produced the iconic crew neck sweatshirt in 1930 under the name of Russell Athletic.

Not bad going... being the designer of what would be copied by not only the sport industry, but all clothing manufacturers from then on! From Prada to Primark Like, how many people can claim to have invented a neckline? Not many. One of a kind brag don't you think? Don't you wish you had thought of that!? I do.

 man sitting with sweatshirt pulled up over nose

3. Easy to put on

Before the crew neck was invented men would have buttoned up undergarments. Long john style. Cooper underwear co ran a heartwarming advert aimed at the young bachelor. They called it the bachelor undershirt. They sold it as buttonless which was a real bonus because apparently, back in 1904, men needed women to sew for them.



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