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Saddle Up for Sustainability: boroboro Repurposing Denim

Y'see, denim is like the Wild West of clothes – tough, reliable, and just waiting to be transformed. Imagine wrangling those cotton threads and smoothing out all those denim pieces – it's like taming a wild mustang.

 close up of embellished denim pocket and collar


The Great Transformation

Boroboro is on a mission to rescue denim from the scrap heap. Lassoing those blue vintage jeans from good ol' brands like Levi's, Lee, and Wranglers and turning them into something mighty special once more. Go and browse our stash of unique, sustainable treasures, and rustle them up lickety split!

 close up of decorative stitching on denim jacket

Search and Rescue Operation

Boroboro ain't just sitting around twiddlin' our thumbs. We're out there scavenging for denim treasures like torn ol' jeans, and jackets that have seen a better days. Takin' apart the denim that folks don't want anymore. We even undo those fancy seams to make sure sustainability is sewn into every stitch. By using old clothes, we're saving some fine Adam's ale.. that's water to you city folk. We save some energy, and keeping the world's rivers and oceans clean – just like a cowboy lookin' out for the land.

 Denim jacket with the word indigo heavily stitched


No Such Thing as Bad Fabric

But hold onto your hat, partner! It's not just denim in boroboro's corral. We're also lassoing Nike and other non-branded clothes too. We're giving that evil eye polyester a second chance at life, using it instead of letting it roam free in the waste bin. It's like turning old hoodies and coats into your Sunday best.. Soon, we'll even have accessories made from fine recycled fabrics.

patched up blue jeans 

Textile Adventure

Let me tell you, the fashion world has a bad case of textile boredom, throwing away a whopping 92 million tons of fabric every year. Now, that's like seeing a mountain range made entirely of discarded clothes, stretching over 20,000 football fields and towering over 7,000 feet tall. And guess what? This mountain keeps growin' every year. Now that's as crazy as popcorn on a hot stove!

But fear not, young buckaroo! Boroboro might be a small droplet in this vast ocean of fabric waste, but every droplet counts. Choosing brands like boroboro is like making a creative choice to save the land. So, let's tip our hats to boroboro and post a comment, speak your mind, but ride a fast horse.


Long live our clothes! Yeehaw!


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