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What is linen?

Linen is a natural fabric made from the flax plant. It is considered the strongest and most durable, therefore longest lasting of all the natural fabrics.


Flax plant in flower


History of Linen

This is the oldest known textile and has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs proving this to be a long lasting fabric. Linen was also used by artists for their canvases and tapestries because of this quality of longevity. Around the globe Flax was and is easy to grow and would be grown domestically to create cloth that would be used for bed linen as well as clothing. The industrial revolution introduced machines that would make fabrics in bulk. Flax became part of this machine spinning era but eventually lead to its decline in popularity. Cotton became cheaper to produce but became a niche. During the world wars linen's strength was recognised so was made into ropes and waterproof covering. During this time Australia and Ireland geared up to set aside land for flax farms.


man posing in a green linen shirt

5 Benefits of Linen and why You should Love it

  1. Linen is so comfortable and keeps you cool in hot weather because of it's absorbent and wicking nature.
  2. Linen is durable and the most long lasting of all natural fabrics.
  3. Linen is very well behaved and will stay in good shape no matter how you treat it. Obviously shoving it on the bbq isn't what is meant so don't take that as a challenge.
  4. Linen gets better with time feeling softer and softer on your skin.
  5. Linen is well classy.


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