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What is slub fabric?

Slub describes a distinctive texture found typically in natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool. Similar to how we use colour for description. This makes it beneficial for individuals seeking natural fabric options. But always check the label.


History of the slub texture

Originally this was considered to be an flaw or mistake in the weaving process. The smoothness of material was considered to be more comfortable which you can understand when, back in the 1800's things were not as consistent as machinery makes things today. This perception was eventually replaced with a recognition of the artistic nature and visual interest.


close up of grey linen shirt


Benefits to adding texture to your clothing

Designers love to manipulate the surfaces of the weave. Texture we know is especially important when adding interest to mono coloured outfits. The feel of our clothing is just as important as the look. So next time you are shopping consider adding a bit of this slub texture to your regular clothing.


close up of reconstructed patagonia lining

Reconstructed sleeve lining: the slub silk contrasts the original lining

Slub by any other name

Slub silk is also known as dupion. This silk is stronger that the fine, smooth silk fabric used in luxurious clothing. It still has its characteristic sheen but with the rustic knobbled texture making it longer lasting because it is heavier compared. It is less prone to wrinkles than regular silk too. Preserving it's texture takes a bit of care and common sense. Don't get overly concerned about wrinkles by over ironing, don't wash it with your jeans or forget it in the dryer. In fact avoid the dryer.


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